Updated: Jan 15

Due to the situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the subsequent suspension of visits to prison establishments, the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service has acknowledged the concern of relatives for their loved ones as it relates to the purchase of personal and food items.

We wish to advise that whilst visits to the prisons are suspended, we have revisited the prison commissary system. Relatives can now visit any branch of Republic Bank Limited and deposit funds at a maximum value of twelve hundred dollars ($1,200.00) monthly,for their loved ones by adhering to the guidelines as stipulated below. Inmates however would only be allowed purchases of up to three-hundred dollars ($300.00) weekly.

 Visit any branch of Republic Bank Limited

 Request to do a Credit Memo to the Account#180266840001

 Ensure to provide the inmate’s name and that it is written on the receipt

 Collect receipt and place in the station-specific post boxes located at the visit area outside Golden Grove Prison

We do wish to remind members of the public to continue to observe the precautionary measures and advisories that have been implemented in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, if the need arises to conduct this business transaction. The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service remains committed to providing effective and efficient management practices during this unprecedented time as we continue to facilitate opportunities whist maintaining public safety and security.


Communications Department

Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

Updated: Jan 15

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service wishes to advise that with immediate effect, visits to ALL prison establishments have been suspended until further notice, in an effort to ensure that the prison environment remains as safe as possible from a health perspective.

Commissioner of Prisons (Ag), Mr. Dennis Pulchan has informed that this action came as a direct result of the medical advice to take certain measures to protect the prison environment from any possible contamination and in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Commissioner Pulchan said that families were allowed to visit the prisons on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March, 2020, to purchase items for their loved ones. This proactive measure was facilitated to allow the clients to obtain their items before suspending contact to protect them.

He wishes to advise members of the public that all feasible measures have been implemented within the nation's prisons, in an effort to lower the risk of both staff and inmates from contamination. Some of these measures include thermal scans of all persons entering the prisons, additional sinks installed at strategic points within the prisons, sanitization of buildings and signage relative to the virus, its symptoms and precautionary measures, posted in all prisons, to name a few.

Additionally, the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service will be implementing video conferencing via Skype for clients to communicate with their families by prearranged appointments. Families are reminded that the Prison Service’s telephone landline system remains in operation for clients to speak with their families.

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service continues to monitor the development of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, and will give a subsequent update on the commencement of the video conferencing and eventually, the re-establishment of visits.


Communications Department

Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

Updated: Jan 15

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service remains committed to promoting the health, safety and welfare of all individuals entering prison establishments and as such, has been closely monitoring the status of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) over the past week. We wish to advise that in a concerted effort to prevent the virus from entering the nation’s prisons, the following measures have been adopted with immediate effect.

  • Visits to all classification of prisoners would be limited to ONE (01) visit per week.

  • Only ONE (01) visitor per inmate would be allowed entry (consistent with the specific days for remanded and convicted inmates) unto the prison compound.

  • Purchases for inmates can be made at any time and would not be recorded as a visit.

  • Visitors will be subjected to mandatory screening prior to entry by trained personnel via standard questionnaire and thermal scanner.

  • In the event of the full suspension of visits as a result of continuous escalation of the Coronavirus, the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service will make every effort through the use of technology to keep the lines of communication available as best as feasibly can.

  • At present, the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service is honouring the Court List provided by the Courts, which dictates inmates to attend Courts. Upon return, all inmates and escorts will be screened.

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service understands the plights of inmates and their families and is utilizing feasible measures amidst the current constraints, to upkeep communication, as well as to facilitate court attendances according to the dictates of the Court. We ask all visitors to bear with us as the measures adopted to prevent the virus from entering the prison will tardy the visit process. Additionally, we are urging visitors to exercise responsibility if they are experiencing any symptoms of the viral illness, and refrain from visiting the nation’s prisons.


Communications Department


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